Straaten product is fully guaranteed against defective materials and manufacturing defaults for 12 months inclusive of parts & service.
  1. This warranty is applicable in Singapore mainland only.
  2. The product must be purchased from an authorized dealer in Singapore only.
  3. The Warranty Registration Card must be duly completed and returned to Straaten International Pte Ltd within 14 days from the date of purchased.
  4. The serial number must not be defaced or altered in any way.
  5. The owner shall present to our service staff this warranty card and purchase receipt at the time of service.
  6. The warranty shall immediately cease and become void if unauthorized repair or alteration (i.e. tampered, modification, misuse or dropped) is made to the product. This product is not for use in commercial purposes/environment.
  7. This Warranty shall be subjected to the following limitation: a) Malfunctions or damages resulting from acts of God, fire, rust, civil-unrest or the product have been dropped. b) Product has not been installed, maintained or operated in accordance with the instructions given by manufacturer.
  8. This Warranty does not cover the following accessories/parts: VACUUM CLEANER - Flexible Hose, Extension Pipes, Suction Nozzles, Filters, Paper Bags and external parts such as Casing, Knobs, Buttons, Cables and Power Plug. WASHER & DRYER - Inlet/Outlet/Venting Hoses, Glass Screen/Cover, Knobs, Plastic Panels, Cables & Power Plug. REFRIGERATOR - Glass Shelves, Light Bulbs, Trays, Ice-cube Tray, Water Filter, Egg Holder, Plastic Covers, Cables, Power Plug & not liable for food loss. COOKING APPLIANCES - Vent Hoses, Charcoal/Fiber, Metal Filters, Burner Caps/Supports, Cast Iron Grids, Shelves, Trays, all Detachable Parts, Cables and Power Plug. WATER HEATER - Labour for removal and installation of parts or heater is not included and will be charged Separately.
  9. Usage and connection to voltages main must be accordance with instructions in product instruction manual.
  10. Decisions by us on all questions pertaining to complaints as result of defects, either workmanship or material shall be conclusive.
  11. Warranty card is non-replaceable in the event of loss.
  12. Vacuum Cleaners must be sent to our Service Centre.

Important to Note:
  • Ensure that drain hose of washing machine is hung up according to instructions in the product manual.
  • Clean your washing machine's soap compartment to clear detergent and softener residue.
  • Use low suds powder detergent for washing machine to achieve best cleaning and machine performance.
  • Clean your washing machine's drain filter regularly.
  • Wash the grease filter of the cooker hood with warm soapy water once a month to ensure maximum filtration performance.
  • Carbon filter of cooker hood should be replaced between 6 to 8 months to ensure maximum filtration performance.
  • Switch ovens to maximum temperature setting for 20 minutes once a month (if not in use) to expel moisture from the heating element.
  • Allow 1 hour for the compressor oil to settle before switching ON any new refrigerator.
  • Wax the exterior of the cabinet of the refrigerator once a month to prolong the life of the paint work.
  • Clean the internal wall and accessories of the refrigerator with warm water only.
  • Do not pull vacuum cleaner by the flexible hose.
  • Always replace full paper bag of the vacuum cleaner with a new one to ensure maximum performance.
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